Jitendra Swarup the Philanthropist

Dr. Jitendra Swarup, Class of 1991, has endowed a scholarship with HUMAA in honor of his mother, Mrs. Suman Swarup. The Suman Swarup Scholarship is awarded to a junior student with financial need who achieved a ranking in the top 50% during his/her freshman and sophomore years. The recipient must also consistently display the personal, humanitarian, and academic qualities that are the cornerstone of the Howard University College of Medicine’s Mission, Value and Vision Statements.

Dr. Swarup is one of the world’s leading cataract surgeons with four ophthalmology businesses in North Carolina, with three further branches opening soon. He currently employs over seventy people, including eight optometrists and two ophthalmologists. After graduating from Howard University College of Medicine, he went on to do his internship at Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore, MD, and his residency at the Sinai Hospital in Detroit, MI. Dr. Swarup describes his time at Howard University with warmth, remembering some of the great faculty that taught him, such as Dr. LaSalle D. Leffall Jr., Dr. Ashraf Aziz, Dr. Pauline Titus-Dillon, Dr. Clive Callender, Dr. Robert Copeland, and Dr. Reginald Peniston. He also gives credit to Mr. Sterling Lloyd, who helped him acquire a partial needs-based and academic-based scholarship that allowed him to register at Howard University College of Medicine in the first place. “Howard gave me my career as a physician and I feel fortunate to be able to pay back that opportunity at this stage in my career,” said Dr. Swarup. “The scholarship that I was given allowed me to focus on what was important – the curriculum. I would encourage all the alumni to do the same as everyone has been touched by someone’s generosity.”

Back in 1991, Dr. Swarup paid annual tuition of $10,000, which he described as a difficult goal to meet back then. “I can’t imagine how hard it is now,” he said “and it concerns me to think that students come out with such large loans from medical school.”